XCP™ GREEN ONE™ is the first high performance multipurpose spray of its kind; offering market leading performance without negatively impacting our environment.

It is made from > 99% bio-based ingredients without any compromise on performance. These ingredients are derived from renewable, sustainable resources instead of being processed out of crude oil.

Applications: Stop Squeaks, Loosens, Lubricates, Cleans, Protects and Displaces Moisture.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Cleans & Protects: The active ingredients in XCP™ get under dirt, grime and grease, allowing for easier cleaning, and form a soft protective layer, which provides protection against rust and corrosion.

  • Loosens: The powerful XCP™ formula delivers market leading penetration to quickly loosen and release metal parts that are stuck, seized or rusted together. When it comes to loosening, XCP™ GREEN ONE™ outperforms the multi-purpose market leader by up to 50%.*

  • Lubricates: Once applied, the active ingredients in XCP™ create a thin, colourless soft coating to help keep parts loose and free from corrosion, outperforming the market leader by up to 35%.*

  • Displaces Moisture: The XCP™ formula quickly displaces water allowing the “drying out” of electrical short circuits caused by moisture.

  • Reduce Fire Risk: Unlike traditional multi-purpose sprays, XCP™ GREEN ONE™ is VOC FREE and a non-flammable liquid, meaning it will only start to burn at significantly higher temperatures.

You too can trust XCP GREEN ONE to provide the highest standards in multi purpose maintenance in an enviro-friendly manner!

99% Bio Based Ingredients