J. R. : Rust Blocker

Only time will tell how effective it is, it's still early days, but first impressions are that it provides what appears an impervious to moisture seal which providing it doesn't become damaged, should give good protection to corrosive elements. Other well known and popular wax based products tend to deteriorate quickly and lift and from experience can actually hide and accelerate corrosion. An added bonus is that this protection is clear and so doesn't hide corrosion as many other products do. I've tried and researched many of the wax based products for chassis protection and frankly few come up to scratch, they allow moisture ingress and trap and promote corrosion, I feel on first impression, providing it is regularly inspected and maintained, XCP is the better product.

N. M. : Rust Blocker

I've used this before and it works really well, simple to apply then wipe with a micro fibre cloth. I used it last year to protect my 'brushed steel' gas fire pit... it dried to a soft tacky surface... out ALL winter / rain / snow / frost ..... no corrosion at all.
I've now applied it to my hammock metal frame and my golf trolley. Even after washing down my trolley, the protection remains.
Great stuff


We saw your product at NEC Classic Car Show and we have been using it ever since, after using WD40 for the past 35 years! Now that we have changed to your product we would HIGHLY recommended to any Classic Car enthusiast or restoration business'! We have tested your RUST BLOCKER on bare metal panels that have been left outside and it really has held the rust. And we have also tested your ONE lubricant spray. It penetrates and releases rusted old bolts making it so much easier. We will continue to use your products hopefully for the next 35 years!!